When you file your taxes, how confident are you that you have met all compliance required by law, or have taken full advantage of all the potential benefits and credits available to you?  Are you in trouble with the CRA? We can help and maybe even get your penalties waived.

With decades of collective knowledge and expertise, we will put your mind at ease as we work together to manage all of your accounting and taxation needs.
Here are just a few of the services that we provide:

  • Tax Compliance
  • CRA: Tax Advocate and Conflict Resolution
  • Tax Preparation and Filing
  • Financial Statements
  • Filing Back Taxes
  • Personal Debt Management and Financing Services
  • Retirement and Estate Planning

Personal Tax

Tax Planning

Client Testimony

Debbie was recommended to me by another professional. She took the time to explain things and was very organized in her approach. Her common sense and sense of humour was refreshing and made the visit fun and less stressful. She was professional and efficient. I highly recommend Debbie and her team!
Dayle Mason
Wonderful, honest, and pleasurable experience. Debbie and the staff are efficient and fantastic. I highly recommend this company to deal with any and all tax services. Thanks a bunch
Richard James
Thank you so much for your great advice! We always enjoy seeing you at this time of year you make it easier when we have to pay.
Valerie Howey-Bastien
Excellent service, great to deal with. She knows her business.
RtRev Bevan Carrique
Amazing service, personality & advise!
Excellent work
Ann Tsopela
l love the information you give and how to better yourself for the future thx.
Patti Cardinal